Mechanical Engineering Training

  • Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Planning
  • Process Plant Optimization & Energy Conservation
  • Asset Integrity Management in Manufacturing Industry
  • Pumps and Valves Technology
  • Heavy Lifting & transportation Techniques
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Equipment Failure, Vibration & Predictive Maintenance Techniques
  • Steam Boilers
  • Understanding and Preventing Process Equipment Failures


To accelerate your organization's innovation. We train individuals and organizations throughout Nigeria and help them achieve impact through applicable training courses that we offer in J.E.T.S Ltd.


  • Classroom
  • Onsite
  • Online

In terms of strengthening engineers and technicians' abilities to design, operate and maintain various types of electromechanical equipment, J.E.T.S Ltd. Mechanical Engineering training courses have been shown to be efficient. They cover topics related to compressors, pumps, motors, seals, boilers, heat exchangers, refrigeration towers and various maintenance processes and strategies with regard to good practice and efficient techniques for resolving problems. J.E.T.S Ltd. mechanical engineering training program is designed to minimize the costs of operation and maintenance by providing advanced instruments for analysis, operation, and design of electromechanical equipment in your facility. Our training modules are prepared and delivered by engineering professionals with years of theoretical and practical experience in engineering systems and learning, our training courses are scheduled in the form of short training and refreshing sessions.


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